Magnifying Glass 

A human being can't beat a mountain in heights but climbing it will forge, display and define strength, power and determination. It will turn you in a giant. Through these tracks we make a tribute to the will, to challenge obstacles, abuses put in place by people that effortless and with arrogance feel entitled to decide on behalf and rule upon others. This society is made by us, and we largely absorbed and accepted the convenience of some, to supreme on others. These are not necessarily the people in power, in governments or public employments but just whoever is in a position to take advantage of his condition to stop someone else to success. Its a powerful legitimate drug, the sense of legitimate empowerment. It’s not about freedom and respect at all, and many of injustice are unjustified but legitimate. We swear in Bursting Wonderland with this debut album not to make it so easy for many to put us down, and the story behind this “making of” is the evidence of our intentions. We kneel to strength, to endurance, to perseverance, to the romance, to hold beliefs. We won’t explicitly (not here at least) name places or people here, but we defo need to address them as the reason of even more stubbornness in us to bring ahead our convictions and bothers. We dealt with the usual glorified passive attitude and anti-proactive, depressed behavior that rule the world we live in and that we don’t fit in. We praise hard work, poetry, beauty, expression, freedom, honesty and never ending research to realize dreams. We believe in building our fortune with our own hands. We have interest in the exchange of pathos for the work to be done in a world of appearance, among egos we look for the constructive collaboration. We despise the lack of professionalism and the snob inefficiency of whoever accept to work or be involved into artistic works or such. Seriosity in art is a chimera and a rarity for few, and we won't let this attitude to pollute our spirits. In many occasions and many different circumstances the whole effort fueled by us was jeopardized and risked to end in nothing, just because of lay back and corrosive responses by others. We won’t forget that as result of that arrogance and superficiality. These are "musicians" accepting to be in, but never delivering, by "sound engineers" accepting to work and then confusing themselves to be artistic producers and try to make important decisions against our will. Our abusers in our lil, personal spheres are not displayed in tv as we think they are the source of our troubles, but often they come from all those who easily take advantage of others, driven and  intoxicated by the corrupted sense of empowerment. We wish to overthrown them and clear that self nominated privilege against their disappointment. These people are just us behind every curtain of ordinary lives. We have been fighting, tried to improve changing scenarios, we had to move and adapt continuously just to save our baby. It was stressful and not ideal for the artistic process flow that a musician needs to breath in the “making of”. We thought that there is such an anarchy of roles in the music amateur scene nowadays, and everybody want to feel entitled to do whatever, it’s lost with technology the importance of the personal roles and merits. We didn’t let go, we lost our minds, our hair, money, time and our already uncertain lives sacrificed and subordinated to the events. In the end we are incredibly happy to verify as our stubbornness and romanticism toward our art have won at last. David finally beat Goliath. This album is a starting point to continue battling against charlatans working in the industry, stealing originality and life to ideas and artistic visions. We want to dedicate it to fearful people, but all brave people too, that refuse to let anybody break in their vital stuff throughout their lives. Caravaggio painting symbolize the step back we think is needed to bring back the art to the artists relying on their true forces and abilities, rather than rely on technology skills and pre-set stereotyped packages. We won’t let modern capitalist rules define who we are and what we are capable of, we won’t rely on technology to exist. We may use it in our favor, but not abandon ourselves to it. Viva the beauty of classic art style made by Davids and not Goliaths.