Based out of Galway (Ireland), international rock duo project Bursting Wonderland rose from Ania Chmielewska and Mimmo Ripa fusion of ideas and music personalities.  

She was born and raised in Poland. Since teenager was singing here and there for years, yet nothing ever brought her to studio, even though bands and projects she was involved with had strong desire for recording their works. After she moved to Ireland and met Mimmo in person (they had already ongoing friendship relation through social media previous to that), Anna was even more motivated to start a band.

Mimmo however was already an experienced musician. Born and raised in Italy, living in Ireland for a decade at that time, had recorded many albums with various formations and bands in the past and in both countries, currently was working on promoting his first solo album with "Aboutmeemo". At first he was reluctant and didn't want to get involved into new project, especially with lack of serious musicians. He wanted to challenge himself in being an artistic producer of the whole project, rather than be responsible for songwriting. 

Anna had to let go of her idea of making an album for another 18 months, till finally she managed to convince Mimmo to help her record an EP. The strong bound of the two and their constant confrontation of ideas, visions and criticism at the current state of the world, matured to a stage that a music collaboration could make sense. Together they had a point, a fresh material to base a music project and the common disappointment about the local music scene, the drive to get out there and play their part in it. Sometime in December of 2018, the decision was made. It took only 3 months for that creative duo to make 12 songs, as in March 2019 they went to studio to record first 6 songs. Unfortunately things went downhill from there on. The process was never ending and jeopardized many times, mostly by lack of professionalism from the people involved, who have been filled with extreme lay back attitude and approximation kinda philosophy, which with this album Bursting Wonderland declared war against. It took exactly 2 years from the day they started the project till they got signed and finally were able to release the album.  

As Anna previously thought her own stage name would be "Nune", but since situation evolved they had to come up with a name for this collaboration. Considering Anna's character, Mimmo was often telling her, she's living in Wonderland. Anna on the other hand was always pointing out how Mimmo is bursting her view of the world.

And so Bursting Wonderland was born!

The topics emerged from Ania and Mimmo are all daily basis subjects and they are all connected and all involving the whole of us: politic, religion, spirituality, revealing new point of views regarding people, relations with one another and unspoken, harsh thoughts occurring throughout a life. 

Through this project they officially declare not to hold back anything.

The aim of the band is to express also the raw truth behind art and everyday life. Their name, music and mission are about stripping down all the bells and whistles of the show biz and reveal the real deal behind it.

The project consist in pointing out wide, loud and "in face" contradictions of the music scene, local and broad, that destroy the concept of Art and making Art, that is exploited, that is victim and executioner of itself.

They are using their project to spotlight the fakery around music business and music preferences, aiming to a deeper breath, further sight, brave and brutally honest reflection about the whole sense of making music today. 

Social medias have engaged people to worship of consent, in order for the crowd just to feel, to exist, to value, to be entitled to, and people shifted from listeners to lazy spoiled critics. Successful artist nowadays don't retire anymore to cherish their unique way to look at the world and to express. They are only successful music businessmen who, through technology and modern strategies, are able to earn the attention of as many people as they can.

Bursting Wonderland are tired to play in touristic music scenes where Bartenders rule upon the choice of whom can perform or not and where musicians are busy to make people dance while they get drunk to be recognized.

Bursting Wonderland definitely doesn't fit in the local music scene and also doesn't fit in the hold back, polite, sugar-coated panorama other artists seem to swim unpassionately and passively.

Bursting Wonderland's aim is to exist and be honest, believe in what is worth to live, to praise culture, love, romance, hard work, empathy. To react and revolt to any passive - aggressive, toxic, corrupted way to look at the world, to go against driving world into a dark place.

Their music has no fillers nor filters and no special effects. Their lyrics are stark and genuine, their melodies simple and edgy. The band’s sound is heavily influenced by the grunge scene and hard rock of the 1990's, blended beautifully with their love for soft rock. Mimmo's haunting guitar solos reminiscing of 1970's rock. Their unique melodies are still written and arranged by Mimmo Ripa, candid lyrics created by Anna Chmielewska.

The duo project got signed with French label M&O in December 2020 which led to scheduled release of their debut album “David vs Goliath" under their wings in March 2021. First single promoting the album will be released 17th of February 2021 with videoclip dedicated to protesters and rioters all around the world, titled “Rebels”.